Unshackled, We Fire Dwellers

A burnt offering, sacrificial lambs knell in wait.
Praying at the altar between quaint serenity and blind piety.
One by one they bring upon themselves self realization,
Self flagellation at its most self actualized.
In this inward journey of discovery and feigned importance
The wool is pulled over the eyes of the pious,
So faithfully blind and ready to become wood for the fire,
That they don't even realize they achieved transcendence.
Now the dire matter of breaking shackles,
So deep and profound it is evolutionary,
Only the revolutionaries dare to tackle.
The chains of ingrained beliefs,
Of black and white and no inbetweens,
Of half truths and half lies,
Of the full openness of letting the true self breath.
For that is how a lamb avoids the slaughter,
Becomes a vivacious individual,
That not jut knows itself but is itself,
And in itself it finds it flaws,
It's broken chunks and unpolished edges.
Then put them together like a duct tape jigsaw,
Satisfied that it stays in place at all,
Happy to be contained when all is chaos yet still matters.




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