What’s in a name?


Bruce Lee was known for many things. His other-worldly Martial Arts mastery, gripping charisma, and classic voice are all engrained in our memories to this day. What is fascinating is the voice we are familiar with, from his films – is not his voice. It is an over dub Actor. However when you listen to interviews of Lee, the voice is at times not similar but immediately familiar.

So even though this line is not a quote from Bruce Lee or even said in his real voice, it inspired me to start this blog.


I grew up loving cinema, television, video games, animation, and martial arts and what has always attracted me most to any project is always its depth and emotional content. So that is what this blog is for — Talking about the depth in the things that move me, things that may not particularly move YOU, but hopefully this can help open your eyes to some new Emotional Content.

There is nothing as enjoyable as the search for new/old art/media that can move or affect you. I hope some of the things I end up talking about here become stuff you can get engrossed in and fall in love with as I have.